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Robin Gilmore

ROBIN GILMORE began teaching the Alexander Technique in 1986 and has been active as a somatic movement educator and professional dancer for twenty years. Her Alexander training includes certification at The Alexander Foundation of Philadelphia and seven years of study with Marjorie Barstow. She is a Sponsoring Member and Vision/Mission Chair of Alexander Technique International (ATI). Robin was the founding director of the Kyoto Alexander Program, the first Alexander Technique teacher training program in Japan, and has taught in numerous Alexander training programs in several countries. She currently directs a teacher training program near Washington, DC. She has taught the Alexander Technique in a variety of settings including the Curtis Institute of Music, American University and the Japan Graphic Designers Association. In conjunction with Alexander work, Robin teaches developmental movement as a means of improving coordination and enhancing cognitive skills. She has given presentations for the International Congress of the Alexander Technique and the D.C. Guild of Body Psychotherapists and has published several articles about the Alexander Technique and related topics. As a dancer and choreographer, her work has been presented internationally. She holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in dance from Temple University and has taught somatic studies and dance in numerous institutions. Robin resides in Annapolis, Maryland.

Teacher Training Program

For students of the Alexander Technique wishing to become qualified teachers, Robin Gilmore offers a training program near Washington, DC. The curriculum includes group and private work in Alexander principles, guidance in learning hands-on skills, experiential anatomy and developmental movement. After successfully training Alexander teachers in Kyoto, Japan from 1993-1999, Robin is delighted to be instructing potential teachers in her home state of Maryland. For more information about the program, please contact Robin Gilmore at (410) 268-2841 or email:

Annual Residential Course

Robin is a faculty member of an annual five-day course held in Columbus, Ohio from December 27-31. Sponsored by the Ohio State University School of Music and Alexander Workshops, Inc., the workshop features internationally known Alexander teachers. For further information, go to

Articles By Robin Gilmore

Robin served as guest editor and feature writer for the Multicultural Issue (vol. 2, no. 8) of DIRECTION Journal. She wrote the editorial as well as "Crossing Hemispheres" about teaching the Alexander Technique in Japan. Info:   "How Did We Get Here?" will be published in 2001 in The Congress Papers, a collection of articles stemming from presentations given at the 6th International Congress of the Alexander Technique, Freiburg, Germany, 1999. email:

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