The Alexander Technique

Our awareness, our expectations, and the way we call on the body to move all affect each other. We can (and often do) become set in a state of mind and a posture - an attitude. We expend energy to maintain this fixed way of being, rather than being in direct contact with the support of life around and within us.

The Alexander Technique teaches you to recognize when you are interfering with your support. It does this by bringing your awareness to how you respond to events. As you notice how your thoughts and feelings connect with activity, you learn to identify and to rely less on unproductive ways of being. Then you can allow yourself to be free in the way you are designed to live: on the earth, in its gravity, among other people, in your environment, and in the present. You can discover your Natural Support.

In an Alexander Technique lesson, the teacher guides you in routine activity with gentle hands-on contact and simple explanation to an experience of easier movement. You discover when you are working harder than necessary, and with this recognition you can allow your support to work for you and through you.

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