Hello and welcome!
to my Alexander Technique web page. My name is Jim Froelich and I am a certified teaching member of Alexander Technique International. I live in northern Ohio (near Ashland) and teach throughout the area. You can contact me at
jimf@bright.net or by phoning (419) 281-3864.

The Alexander Technique helps you learn to allow yourself your natural ease of movement and of being. You can discover that if you don't interefere with your given ability you can move more easily and smoothly, improve your co-ordination at any skill, and also improve your general well-being. You can reduce or eliminate stress and manage pain associated with your way of life or with a longtime condition or a previous accident, and promote healing. The Technique can show you how to introduce calm and equanimity in situations which involve panic or pressure. By learning the power of your response to events in life, you can learn an easier way to go about all you do.

I teach private lessons and classes. I also give workshops, which can be an excellent way to introduce the Alexander work. Lessons are about 45 minutes long, and can be scheduled weekly. As you gain more experience of the work, its helpfulness accumulates.

I am interested in presenting the Alexander work to anyone who would benefit by looking at how they go about living: people recovering from injury or trauma, students, musicians, dancers, actors, people at risk of repetitive strain injuries, athletes, and people simply involved in everyday activity.

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