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Carolyn Simon

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Carolyn Simon MSTAT MATI
Carolyn enjoys teaching the Alexander Technique to both individuals and groups. She qualified as an Alexander Teacher in 1995, graduating from the Centre for Training in Holloway, London. Her other qualifications include a Certificate in Counselling Skills (CAC), a Diploma in Indian Head Massage (ITEC), and as an NLP Master Practitioner.

Carolyn has an MA in English Literature from Cambridge University, and is an experienced trainer and consultant in the arena of personal and professional development.

Carolyn's Approach

"Most of us go about our daily lives in a way that is unnecessarily tense and effortful. In time, this can affect our health and our well-being. My objective as an Alexander Teacher is to:

  • Raise people's awareness of their unconstructive habits (both mental and physical)
  • Gently guide them towards relinquishing these, in order to operate with increased connectedness and ease (and less pain)

I aim to teach in a way that is interactive, enlightening and enjoyable."