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Bloch Healing Cheshire - Person-centered, evidence based, hands on healing
Susun Weed's Wise Woman Center
- Herbal and spiritual healing for women. - Tai Chi and Qigong exercises to improve your health
Feng Shui Products - Feng Shui tips and products to create balance, harmony and prosperity
333Connect - Holistic and metaphysical directory
Meditation - Meditation techniques for accessing your inner wisdom
Time Out for Truth - SuperWisdom presents free weekly podcast of practical spiritual wisdom of the ages
Unbreak Your Health - Comprehensive book about about complementary therapies - Comprehensive information about alternative medicine and natural health
The Complete Guide to Complementary and Alternative Therapies - Comprehensive book
Blezz- Alternative & Natural Health - Articles, products & more on natural healing.
Holistic WebWorks - Information about holistic approaches to health
Health Topic - Description: Online Resource for Natural Medicine - Comprehensive complementary therapy directory
Reiki Healing Path - Distant Healing courses in Reiki, Lavender Flame and RaSheeba.
The Bates Method - Information about this and other forms of vision education
Feng Shui Boulder - Chi Kung Healing and Feng Shui in Boulder, CO
Coloring Therapy - Comprehensive information about this healing approach
Natural Bloom - Learn about complementary therapies and share your personal experiences
Ruscombe Mansion Health Center - Alternative therapies in Baltimore area
CompTogether - Volunteer site bringing together complementary therapists
Mary Bontempo - Reiki, Kwan Yin healing techniques, heart and soul healing
Lou and Bruce Stewart - Feng Shui, NLP, Biofeedback, Akido, Tai Chi and more
Rubenfeld Synergy Method - Integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit - Quality juicers, articles on wheatgrass, juicer recipes - Tools and information about holistic and alternative medicine
Inner Soulutions - Institute for research and development of alternative healing s
The Health Oasis - Complementary therapies centre in the Highlands, Scotland
California Institute - Holistic health school in Sacramento, California
Health Vision - Accupuncture and herbology in New York state and Connecticut
Soul Future - Spiritual counseling, dream interpretation, courses, articles and more - Accupuncture referrals, forums, resources and links
Atlantis Energy Network - Holistic doctors, products and tools
Earthways Awareness - Information on a variety of healing therapies
Mountain Valley Center - Resources for well being, peach and joy
International Journal of Healing and Caring - Online spiritual awareness and healing
Wholistic Healing Research - Research in spiritual awareness and healing, links, articles
Reiki Blessings Academy - Education in holistic healing for mind, body and spirit
Dream Interpretation Center - Decoding and understanding the meaning in your dreams
Alternative Healthzine - Comprehensive information about alternative therapies
Beyond the Rainbow - Personal & spiritual growth, crystals, essences and more
A Path to Wholeness - Craniosacral, Reiki, hypnotherapy in LaGrange, Ill. - Tools to experience the fullness and perfection of life
Healing from Within - Counseling for personal growth, tarot readings, transformational classes
Crystal Healing Necklace - Designed to heal mind, body and spirit
New Renaissance Magazine - International quarterly journal with a holistic perspective
Homeopathic Education Services - Information, books, tapes, research, referrals and more
Positive Health - Complementary Medicine for the 21st Century
New Health - On-line UK magazine devoted to complementary therapy
Awaken Your Reiki Healing Power - Learn Reiki by distance attunement - Alternative resources and weight-loss program
Brofman Foundation - Free information about chakras, healing, and the bodymind interface
Healthy New Age - Mind, body, spirit health and wellness
New Age Holistics - Alternative healing, herbs, body and spirit - Online reference to Alternative Medicine, Holistic Health and Shamanic Practice
NaturalHealthWeb - Comprehensive guide to Natural Healing and Alternative Medicine
Learning Methods - Tools for personal change
Celestial Winds - Spiritual and physical wholeness including Toronto resources.
Association for Humanistic Psychology - Healing Mind, Body and Soul
Share Guide - Holistic Health Magazine

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