Glenn Kenreich
  Alexander Technique Teacher


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Glenn Kenreich
Alexander Technique Teacher

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New York City
(646) 765-8576

Testimonial Comments

"I had the good fortune of taking a series of Alexander lessons with Glenn several years ago. I had almost chronic lower back pain and persistent bursitis when I began lessons with Glenn; as I learned to stand, walk, sit, drive, and bend with greater freedom and alignment, the pain gradually disappeared. I'm grateful that benefits I gained from Glenn's knowledgeable and clear instruction have stayed with me to this day."
--Paula Borsody, MA & PCC
Professional Certified Coach, Trainer, and Consultant

"I found the Alexander lessons given by Glenn to be incredibly useful in improving my balance and posture -- both standing and sitting. The work enabled me to envision the proper relationship of my body's spine and pelvis as they move through space. I highly recommend the practice for all age groups."

--Robert Evans, Architect

Dr. Stephan G. Lynn, MD

"As a physician, I didn't know what to do to alleviate my back discomfort and simply to "straighten up." As a recipient of your guidance and direction, I am far more comfortable and know what to and how to do, correctly, very simple things that I never thought about before, like sitting down, standing up and walking. Thank you."

--Stephan G. Lynn, MD

See comments from Reverend Alma Daniel on her website.

Glenn works with Robert Borsody in an Alexander Technique lesson

"Glenn, I want to let you know how much I have benefited from the Alexander lessons I have taken from you. Especially because of my leg injuries I had the tendency to favor one leg, which, over a period of time, could have developed into serious back problems. Because of what I have learned from your lessons, I have been able to avoid any future back problems as well as acquire other postural skills that have proved to be invaluable to me."

--Robert Borsody, Esq.

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