Glenn Kenreich
  Alexander Technique Teacher


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Glenn Kenreich
Alexander Technique Teacher

Private Lessons
Group Classes

New York City
(646) 765-8576


Glenn Kenreich works with a student

Glenn Kenreich
Glenn Kenreich, M.AmSAT

A one-on-one lesson includes assessment of your posture and efficiency of movement in basic daily activities such as standing, sitting, walking, and picking up objects. You are trained in self-awareness and spatial thinking to encourage improved posture and use of the self. Most lessons end with work on a table, the teacher guiding the student with a light touch to release excess tension. At the end of a lesson you are likely to feel lighter and more easeful in movement.

45-minute lesson - $85.00
To schedule a lesson or for more information, please contact Glenn at glenn.kenreich@gmail.com or call (646) 765-8576.

Glenn Kenreich is a teaching member of the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) and the American Center for the Alexander Technique (ACAT), a non-profit corporation that in 1964 first introduced the training of Alexander Technique teachers to the U.S. He has served as Treasurer of the Board of AmSAT and President of the Board of ACAT. Glenn is a certified instructor in the Shaw Method of swimming (see Activities page). He holds a bachelor's degree in music from the Juilliard School where he studied trombone, and has performed extensively.

Teaching Locations:

Glenn Kenreich works with a student

39 West 14th Street, Room 507
New York, NY, 10011

120 Cabrini Boulevard
New York, NY, 10033

Professional Oganizations:

American Center for the Alexander Technique
(New York) www.acatnyc

American Society for the Alexander Technique
(U.S.) www.AmSATonline.org

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