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Glenn Kenreich
Alexander Technique Teacher

Private Lessons
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New York City
(646) 765-8576

Alexander Technique in Activities

The Art of Swimming

A swimming method employing principles of the Alexander Technique has been developed by Steven Shaw, who reworked the traditional strokes he practiced as a competitive swimmer. Glenn is a certified instructor in the Shaw Method. He teaches adults - beginners and experienced swimmers alike - to learn to swim with ease and improved alignment. One-on-one lessons are given at the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan.

Glenn Kenreich works with a student

Benefits of the Shaw Method include:
  • Improved poise and body awareness
  • Better balance, coordination and breathing
  • Increased flexibility, strength and vitality
  • Enhanced enjoyment and self-confidence in the water
  • Stress relief, as swimming is transformed into a meditative activity

For more information visit: www.artofswimming.com and www.swimshawmethod.us, or contact Glenn at glenn@artofswimming.com.

Modern Dance and the Alexander Technique

Cynthia Reynolds, M.AmSAT, combines the Alexander Technique and the holistic free-flow modern dance technique of Erick Hawkins in whose dance company she was a soloist. Classes are open to "movers" at all levels.

Glenn Kenreich works with a student

Benefits include:
  • Improved kinesthetic sense
  • Heightened self-awareness, including a more accurate "body map"
  • Improved leg alignment to prevent injuries
  • Increased fluidity of movement

For information on classes in NYC contact Cynthia at cr16@nyu.

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