Corinne Johnston

Corinne Johnston
Teaching member of AmSAT
(American Society for the Alexander Technique)

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Located in Tampa, Florida
Nearby Cities: Orlando, St. Petersburg and Ocala

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Alexander Technique in Tampa, Florida
Nearby Cities: Orlando, St. Petersburg and Ocala

Corinne Johnston

Coming from a successful career in the corporate world, I was introduced to the Alexander Technique and was attracted because of my interest in personal growth and exploring the inner self. I had been managing various health complaints over many years with the assistance of a Chiropractor, and it always seemed to be one thing after another. When I did my first ly-down, using the Alexander Directions in my first Alexander book, I knew Iíd found a way to manage my own health. I immediately located an Alexander Teacher, started lessons and never needed the Chiropractor again. The Alexander Technique has indeed provided the way to manage my own health, and I am grateful for it every day of my life.

I loved my previous career and the Alexander Technique is an extreme departure from that. However, I also love this work. It has made an incredible difference in my movement and in my life and I am very excited to have the good fortune to teach this Technique and help others explore their own movement journey.


I obtained my teaching certificate in March, 1996 from The Alexander Technique Training Centre of Virginia in Charlottesville. Iíve continued annual post-graduate training with Alex and Joan Murray (The Urbana Center for the Alexander Technique) and Rose Bronec (Alexander Technique Urbana). Iíve spent time at Missy Vineyardís training course (Alexander Technique School New England). I also trained in NLP, and as a Zero Balancing Practitioner.

My Teaching Practice

I teach one-on-one private 55 minute lessons to people of all ages. I have worked extensively with the elderly and with many people with health challenges. My practice also includes musicians, actors, dancers, runners, athletes, etc. and others interested in working without pain. I have taught group workshops as well as movement classes using the principles of the Technique.