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Books about the Alexander Technique and Education

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    In his introduction to one of Alexander's books, The American philosopher John Dewey stated that, "(Alexander's) discovery would not have been made and the method or procedure perfected except by dealing with adults who were badly coordinated. But the method is not one of remedy; it is one of constructive education. Its proper field of application is with the young, with the growing generation..." (emphasis added)

Alexander believed that while working with adults requires a highly-skilled practitoner, the art of helping children benefit from his discoveries could be carried out by large numbers of men and women of good intelligence. Children respond quickly and often only a few lessons are all that are necessary to give them correct notions of posture.

Over the years, a number of books have been written about the Alexander Technique and education. Three of the most comprehensible and readable of these are:

  • Moving to Learn - A Classroom Guide to Understanding and Using Good Body Mechanics
    by Michele Arsenault
    (Click here to order Moving to Learn)

  • Implications for Education in the Work of F. M. Alexander:
    An Exploratory Project in a Public School Classroom

    a master's thesis by Ann Mathews
    Ann Mathews' book is available for $15.00 ($20.00 overseas surface mail; $25.00 overseas airmail) from the Institute for Research, Development and Education in the Alexander Technique (IRDEAT), 74 MacDougal Street, New York, NY 10012, USA.

  • Primary School Children and the Alexander Technique
    a booklet by Sue Merry
    Sue Merry's booklet is available from her website,, which also contains a wealth of information on the Alexander Technique and childrens' education.

Other books of interest include:

  • An Alexander Teacher's View of Child Education
    by Joe Armstrong

  • Understanding Children
    by Grethe Laub

  • Applying the Alexander Technique to Children
    by Susan Scott

  • Making our Links with Children's Education
    a collection of talks given at the 1988 International Congress of the F. M. Alexander Technique

The other books listed above used to be carried by STAT Books, a service of the British-based Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. Unfortunately, STAT Books has suspended operations and it's difficult to know where they can be obtained at present. If you have any information on that subject, please let me know: Email Contact.

If you would like to write a short review of any of these books, or would like to suggest an additional listing, drop us a note at this Email Contact.

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