Curiosity Recaptured

Exploring Ways We Think and Move

Forward by Robertson Davies, Edited by Jerry Sontag

"Curiosity Recaptured...goes a long way toward shedding some light on this mysterious but apparently effective way of dealing with the knots we tend to get ourselves into by the sheer fact of being alive."
San Francisco Bay Guardian

"The book provides a fascinating introduction to the Alexander Technique in daily life."
The Beaufort-Hyde News

"Curiosity Recaptured is fascinating, insightful, challenging reading!"
Midwest Book Review

"This collection of 14 essays by Alexander teachers makes a captivating book....The themes are varied enough to suit anyone's tastes, running the gamut from giving birth to dealing with death and grieving along with activities such as walking, dancing, singing, c;cycling, acting, flute playing and playing tennis...."
Direction Magazine

"The essays look into the design of chairs, the practices of childbirth, the education of young musicians, as well as how we walk, play tennis, sing, dance, solve problems, and approach death. They explore the ways we think and move, toward the goal of greater freedom and joy."
Yoga Journal

This book contains personal essays by 15 authors on how self observation and the Alexander Technique have changed the way they function in their professions, activities and lives. The authors are dancers, actors, voice teachers, writers, tennis players, bicyclists and physical therapists as well as teachers of the Alexander Technique who have all learned through self observation and self discovery how to cope with tension, pain, accidents or other impediments in order to function and perform more freely. ..This book of mostly short essays explores the way in which we think and move through the testimonies of individuals involved in various activities and walks of life, thus relating to a wide range of readers. These personal accounts make for compelling reading and impart invaluable information to teachers, practitioners, or students involved in the Alexander Technique as well as to those who have never been in contact with the method.
Association of Theatre Movement Educators

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