The Alexander Technique Twitter Project

Project Update - February 2010

I want YOU to tweet - as you can see, there can
never be too many repetitions of me or my ideas.

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During the past few weeks, the Alexander Technique Twitter Project has had some successes and some disappointments. Here's a summary of what's happened, and how we can improve on the situation:

1. The good news is that about 20 or so AT teachers have signed up for Twitter accounts since the Project began. That brings the total number on Twitter to around 40-50.

2. Unfortunately, most of the newcomers have not been tweeting, or even re-tweeting others' tweets. My guess is that many teachers either don't know what to tweet, or are too busy to learn.

To help solve this problem, Lutz Golbs has set up the Alexander TechniqueTweet Factory on his Wiki. Here you can copy earlier tweets (most are several weeks old and so are ripe for sending out again) and paste them directly onto the update box of your Twitter page. Three or four tweets a week would be great. Those of you who have some old tweets to contribute, please send them to to Lutz (you can reach him through his Wiki), or put them on the discussion part of the Tweet Factory (if you're not registered for the wiki), or register and just add them yourself.

Lutz has also set up a Blog of the Week page on his Wiki, posting the best blog entries from Alexander Technique Blogs. He plans to tweet these entries as they appear and they would all of course be excellent candidates for re-tweeting. If you have a blog be sure to get it listed at Alexander Technique Blogs and to tweet any interesting posts on your own.

Your own followers might be in locations to far away to give them lessons. Retweeting is the mechanism that can potentially bounce back the tweets into your physical neighborhood. The Twitter Project raises awareness in the population about the Technique, or, in marketing terms, creates a demand for Alexander Technique lessons.

3. A surprising number of Alexander Technique tweets do not contain the keyword "Alexander Technique" and hence do not contribute at all to the Project. Keywords - like retweeting - are absolutely crucial for this project. One reason why the phrase "Alexander Technique" has not been included (with "AT" or "AlexTech" being used instead) may be a lack of space. And often that lack of space has been due to teachers not shortening the URL's of sites they link to. So be sure to use or to shorten your URLs. And of course it is best to have other keywords in your tweets - "posture" "rsi" "breathing" etc etc.

In addition, you should also use hashtags at the end of your tweet if there is any space left over. Lutz has an excellent description of these on this page of his Wiki.

4. A few AT teachers have simply used their own URL over and over in their tweets. That's not really all that useful. Of course you can tweet about your site, or pages on your site, but the whole Project will work a lot better if you put some variety in your tweets.


As I wrote earlier, we need a critical number of AT teachers tweeting and re-tweeting on a regular basis to make a quantum change in AT visibility. I'm guessing that number is around 100. At the moment, although there are about half that number of teachers signed up, only about 5 or 6 are actually doing the work. Those teachers are certainly deriving the benefit of increased exposure from their work - I've received several enquires and at least one new student directly as a result of my tweets during the past few weeks - but it's not nearly enough to bring about the major shift we are collectively capable of producing on Twitter.

In a phone conversation, Lutz quoted a German saying: Es gibt nicht Gutes, ausser man tut es - There is no good, unless someone does it. Please be a "someone". Click here to listen to listen to an interview with Lutz about the Alexander Technique, the web, and Twitter.

The Alexander Technique Twitter Project