The Alexander Technique Twitter Project

F. Matthias Alexander and Twitter

by Robert Rickover

"I think this bird can help spread the word" - FM Alexander

What would Alexander have to say about Twitter and The Alexander Technique Twitter Project?

We can't say for sure since he's been dead for over half a century. But during his lifetime, he "tweeted" in most of the ways that were available to him. He wrote a great many letters to the editor of journals and newspapers, he published pamphlets and adverts about his work, he gave talks, and of course he wrote four books. He even wrote an unfinished autobiography.

Clearly he was never shy about promoting himself and his ideas. Throughout his career, he displayed the imagination, the determination and the hard work seen so often among his countrymen - the kind of pluck that transformed a penal colony into the Land of Oz. is my idea of what his endorsement of the Alexander Technique Twitter Project might look like:

Thank you for alerting me to Twitter. I do not pretend to understand its functioning in detail, but it is apparent to me that it provides a useful means whereby my discoveries may gain wider recognition. Moreover, I can imagine that Twitter, and the World Wide Web generally, will further their development. As you know, I always felt I was just scratching the surface of this wonderful field of self-exploration.

Were I at present among you, I would "tweet" my ideas and hope that others would see their way clear to "re-tweeting" them to people around the world. I encourage today's explorers of my Technique to do the same.

Finally, if I may be allowed to indulge in a personal reminiscence, as I child in Tasmania I was fascinated by the wide variety of wildlife that surrounded me - both four-legged and winged. I was especially fond of the Tasmanian Masked Owl which I conceived of as being a symbol for wisdom of a practical nature. So you see, "tweets" - or in this case "hoots" - were an integral part of my upbringing.

Tasmanian Masked Owl

The Alexander Technique Twitter Project