Alexander Technique Center - San Diego County

Encinitas, California

Eileen Troberman
Certified Alexander Teacher

If you want to walk, sit, stand and with ease, grace and poise; gain relief from aches and
pains related to improper posture and muscular use;
increase your skill level in performance of music, acting and athletic abilities;
or to realize your hidden inherent presence, comfort and confidence
- then the Alexander Technique is for you!

Eileen Troberman has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1982. She is a certified teacher, having trained in San Francisco at the American Center for the Alexander Technique. She was also very fortunate to have had a fifteen-year apprenticeship with Marjorie Barstow, the first teacher certified by F.M. Alexander.

Eileen's emphasis is on an easy, understandable approach to learning to undo unnecessary tension in movement and at rest. Her ability to recognize subtle tensions helps many avoid back pain, neck and shoulder pain and hip and limb pains. She teaches the basics of body mechanics in everyday movements and applies those basics to the individual's particular daily activities and specialized skills. Eileen teaches the skills needed to feel better throughtout life.

Besides her ability to help people greatly improve their comfort, poise and grace in walking, sitting, standing, bending, moving their hands and using their voice, Eileen is known for her work with actors, musicians and golfers.

Eileen's office is located by the ocean in Encinitas, California, just 25 minutes north of downtown San Diego. Eileen Troberman is an internationally recognized Certified Teacher, Senior Instructor, member of AmSAT and ATI, over 32 years experience teaching the Technique privately and at colleges and universities, businesses, small groups and performance organizations such as Cirque Du Soleil. She is currently accepting students for private lessons at her studio in Encinitas, California. Students come from all over San Diego county and around the world to study with her.

To learn more about Alexander Technique lessons with Eileen Troberman, please click here for her website: Or you can contact her by: E-mail at or call (760) 943-9521
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