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Alana Cox, M.AmSAT
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155 Holtshire Road
Orange, MA
(978) 544 6174
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I discovered AT - and Alana Cox - late in life. As I grew older, I began to lose my sense of balance, no doubt exacerbated by scoliosis that was stabilized with metal rods in my back but could not be corrected, a collapsed tibial tendon and pronated arch necessitating a foot/ankle brace, and a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.
Under Alana's skillful and seemingly intuitive touch (she truly has magic hands!), my balance and body alignment dramatically improved. I began to unlearn old habits and embrace new ways of using my body to better advantage.
I also realize the relevance of AT in today's fast-paced, multi-tasking society, where many of us live our lives on auto-pilot. It is important now more than ever, for both body and mind, to pause, INHIBIT and DIRECT before we act. It's OK to do nothing. Alana is a teacher par excellence; she will guide, support and inspire you on your journey toward a better "use of self".
P.S. I neglected to add that at the end of a lesson, she often says, "See you next week, and remember, Donna, forward and up”

- Donna Bentley, retired classics teacher

"'Are you settling for the life you are living or are you really living?' Recently, I heard that statement on a television commercial. Even the though the commercial had nothing to do with the Alexander Technique, for me that statement was descriptive of my experience with the Technique.
"I've been on a healing journey for the last ten years, trying to fully recover from an accident which compounded the scoliosis I was born with. Traditional medicine did little for me. All my healing came for 'alternative medicine' such as chiropractic, massage, cranio-sacral therapy, acupuncture and nutritional supplements. All were necessary parts of my healing puzzle, but not the total solution. I kept looking for that puzzle piece that would eliminate the bone and muscle aches that were reoccurring and resistant to other therapies. (How many times did I say "I just want to ____, so why does my ____ still hurt??") I knew that life and everyday activities were undoing some of the benefits of my therapies, but what I didn't know was that I could learn to use my body in a way that would eliminate this 'undoing.' Using the Alexander Technique taught me how to inhibit my old habits and redirect my body to more pain free use.
"It is very empowering to know that I can reeducate my body so as to eliminate my pain. Because of the Alexander Technique I am no longer settling for the life I was living with reoccurring pain, but rather I am living a more active life that is pretty much pain free."

- Linda Grady, retired first grade teacher

"Through Alana's gentle guidance in the Alexander Technique my body is re-learning the natural way to hold itself - from a place of true balance rather than the habitual tendency to contract and tighten in an effort to move the body correctly. It shows me that I can trust the body's ability to move it self wisely. This has brought a deepening ease and awareness as I move through life, allowing for a greater presence of heart when relating to others."
- Annie Nugent

"I have been taking lessons in the Alexander Technique with Alana Cox for over three years now and my posture and the way I move my body has changed dramatically. I am so much more aware of how I sit, stand and hold my body; everyone should learn the AT! Alana is a highly skilled practitioner whose commitment to the Technique is truly inspirational."
- Gregg Crawford

"Working with Alana I have seen application of the Alexander Technique enhance treatment in a physical therapy program. The emphasis Alexander places on proper alignment and postural habits serves to reduce abnormal muscle tension and guarding; thereby allowing restoration of normal movement patterns."
- Susan M. Piro, Physical Therapist


"I came to the Alexander Technique through a family member who is a physical therapist and knew of my pain issues. I had done PT, injections, and surgery, all of which helped to some degree. I still had pain that limited my activity and almost made me give up running. Then I found Alana Cox.
"My first lesson took place an hour before I was to leave on a nine hour car trip. Not only was I not looking forward to that drive, but I had reservations about driving to the lesson which was an hour away. Sitting for an hour or more caused me great pain at the time. But after that one lesson, I was able to make that nine hour trip with minimal pain, and I was hooked. Subsequent lessons showed me just how much control I could have over my own symptoms. I was able to run again. When I first considered looking into the technique, I figured, "What do I have to lose?" Come to find out, I could lose my old habits and my pain with them! Not a bad deal at all."

- Clare S.

"The Alexander technique and Alana Cox's keen observations of my body movements helped me recover from a long-term injury. I had been doctoring and doing physical therapy for about six months when I started the Alexander Technique with Alana Cox. The injury and my chronic imbalances from scoliosis made it very difficult for me to turn the leg-knee injury around and get my natural gait back.
"Although I'm still mystified in some ways by the Alexander technique, it continues to work for me. My whole body and way of moving benefited from Alana's astute coaching. I continue to work on my technique and to improve. I'm happy to say, I'm walking naturally once again, and my back is feeling less strain from the scoliosis than I've ever had in my life.
"Thank you. Alana, for the personal care and your high level of training that made my recovery possible."

- Judy Northup-Bennett, Spanish Teacher