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Alana Cox, M.AmSAT
Teacher of the
Alexander Technique
155 Holtshire Road
Orange, MA
(978) 544 6174
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What Happens During A Lesson?

Weekly 45-minute lessons are recommended and are structured around three activities.

construcive rest

Table Work (Constructive Rest)
With a gentle refined touch and verbal directions your teacher will guide you to release chronic habits of muscular tension. You will learn the basic tools of the Technique, inhibition of your unconscious habit and direction of yourself in space.

Alana works with a student

Chair Work
Chair work helps you gain a deeper level of body awareness while sitting and moving, and also the opportunity to actively apply the principles introduced on the table.

Application Work
Application work is for improving your breathing, sitting, walking , and standing, and eventually learning to function more efficiently in any activity or profession. For example, use the Alexander Technique to improve the way you dance, swim, play an instrument, sing, play sports, do your job, sit at the computer, drive, run, etc.

Click here to learn who studies the Technique and where it is taught.

Watch this video by an Alexander Teacher in New York, and learn more about Alexander Technique lessons:


How many lessons do I need?
Thirty private lessons are typically recommended, but everyone is different. It depends on what condition you are in when you begin and what your goals are.

  • 3 lessons are recommended to decide if the Technique is right for you.
  • 10 lessons to learn the basics of the Technique.
  • 30 lessons are recommended for sustainable improvement.
  • Extended lessons for a continual discovery of self and to further develop your skill.
Since you have found your way to this website, my advice to you is try lessons and find out yourself about the Alexander Technique.
A profound experience may await you.

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